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Quality Policy

  ÖZKA CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. adopts the following quality policy as a company policy and ensures customer satisfaction.

  By continuously improving with modern management concepts supported by total quality management system and team spirit to compete in the market;

  • We are going to improve product and service quality, process activity and customer satisfaction by continuous redevelopment.

  • To be able to work customer-focused, we are going to configure adequate and developed engine-equipment park with the assistance of an organization including professional employees.

  • We are going to make realistic source and business planning to complete the projects in time and with high profit.

  • To improve our product and service quality, we are going to encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to improve their product and service qualities.

  • We are going to care about the environment and work health & safety subjects in our all works.

                                                                                                                                                                   General Manager
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